<span class="field-content">Tétris UK host &amp; sponsor the infamous PropSki 2015 Welcome Party </span>


Tétris UK host & sponsor the infamous PropSki 2015 Welcome Party

26 January 2015

Tétris UK took to the slopes of Val Thorens earlier this month as the proud sponsors of the infamous PropSki Welcome Party. Kick-starting the week in a memorable way for 200 plus real estate professionals from over 90 companies, the event was a great success and enjoyed by all!

"A massive thank you to the team at PropSki from Tétris for organising such a fantastic event, it’s a great way for today’s young professionals to meet, compete and network with peers in the Industry."

Richard Harris, Tétris UK

"It is great to have support from Tétris who have been here right from the start, initially sponsoring the UK launch drinks in 2012 and now forming one of the biggest and best parts of the trip."

William Chambers, JLL

<span class="field-content">Merry Christmas from the Tétris ‘crew’.  All the best as we ‘cast off’ into 2015!</span>


Merry Christmas from the Tétris ‘crew’. All the best as we ‘cast off’ into 2015!

23 December 2014

Reflecting on a great year, Richard Harris, managing director of Tétris UK shares some of our highlights of 2014 and looks forward to the year ahead:

“We’ve completed over 60 projects this year and continue to offer our clients a single point of contact throughout projects as we deliver successful completion in terms of quality, efficiency and value. All of our projects have been completed on time, to budget and to the highest of standards.”

“In 2015, we intend to deliver more in the office market, focus on retail and hospitality opportunities and expand the Tétris team offering with more specialist appointments.”

Season's Greetings!

<span class="field-content">Tétris UK hosted the first International Tétris Design Conference</span>


Tétris UK hosted the first International Tétris Design Conference

24 November 2014

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th November, Tétris UK hosted the first International Tétris Design Conference. We are thrilled to be welcoming our colleagues from across Europe and beyond as we gather to share ideas, discuss the latest design trends in workplace design and consider the best possible ways to implement this into our schemes. A special thank you to Claudia Hamm (Regional Director Workplace Strategy – EMEA Corporate Solutions) for her presentation on “Designing Great Places for the Future of Work”. This ongoing collaboration across the brand ensures we stay at the forefront of cutting-edge design, facilitates us to further push the boundaries of our already unique position as a Global provider and enables us to deliver optimal solutions to our clients. A huge step forward for Design at Tetris!

<span class="field-content">Tétris achieves top Ska standards on 3 projects.</span>


Tétris achieves top Ska standards on 3 projects.

26 September 2014

Project Xero recently became the third Tétris scheme to achieve Ska Gold whilst the Silver rating was awarded to both Transport Systems Catapult and Barbican Insurance.

Top ratings are notoriously difficult to achieve and this is a great achievement in line with our Building for Tomorrow campaign. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and are constantly striving to further our sustainability credentials, designing and delivering schemes for our clients that go above and beyond the norm.

Achieving a high rating is beneficial to all and can enhance an office space in a number of different ways from operational and build cost savings to occupier wellbeing, improvements in staff productivity and the promotion of a positive, consistent company image.