Fitting out green offices

We will address your requirements while keeping sustainability at the forefront of your fit-out project. This approach involves designing highly efficient work spaces in terms of sensory comfort, as well as indoor air quality (IAQ) to meet the requirements of environmental certifications such as Leed, Breeam in-use, Cerway, HQE™ and Ska…

A green workspace made from certified products

To fit-out an environmentally-friendly office, we encourage our clients to choose building and decoration products with low VOC and formaldehydes emissions, making them safe for end-users, and whose recycled content protects the environment. These products come with sustainability labels and certificates such as EPD - Environmental Product Declaration – or DoP – Declaration of Performance. They are internationally recognised and are taken into account in certifications for fit-outs.

Renewable energy for your fit-out project

For these green workspaces, we recommend low energy consumption solutions for lighting, air-conditioning and heating systems. We support manufacturers whose processes favour the use of renewable energies and which have ISO 14001 certification. Finally, we seek to work with service providers who sort on-site waste before handing it over to collection and recycling services. The process is validated with our clients by issuing traceability certificates.



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