Tétris inspires students to kick-start a successful future

7 December 2018

On Thursday 6 December 2018 Tétris hosted young people for a behind-the-scenes tour of a workplace to help them transition from education to rewarding employment.

The workplace visit was organised in partnership with Career Ready, a UK-wide social mobility charity, as part of the A Capital Experience event, which marks the launch of the 2018 Career Ready programme.

Career Ready helps young people from lower-income backgrounds kickstart rewarding careers by delivering a programme of workplace visits, mentoring, career skills masterclasses, paid internships, and other employer-led activities in schools and colleges across the UK.

Workplace visits, such as the one hosted by Tétris, are a key feature of the Department for Education’s new careers strategy which states that, “every pupil should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits”.

Anne Spackman, CEO of Career Ready, said:

“As outlined in the Government’s new careers strategy, visiting workplaces such as Tétris mark a big step in a young person’s journey to becoming career ready. For many, this will have been their first visit to London, and to walk into the glass and marble towers of the capital and realise that they are welcome and that they could work there, is an inspirational moment. We hope that inspiration will stay with them throughout the programme and motivate them to aim higher in their future careers.”

Tim Stringer, Managing Director of Tétris, added:

“Tétris is proud to have started working with Career Ready in 2018 to provide young people with the experiences of work and employer-led activities they need to kickstart rewarding futures.”

For more information about Career Ready or to get involved visit: www.careerready.org.uk